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to its highest perfection by Traube, who holds that it is the result of

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"ears itch," so that ]t is witti difficulty they restrain

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am indebted to Dr. Johnston, Master of the Lying-in Hospital ; the

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never seen a case of ovarian disease in a black woman, which

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failure of compensatory hypertrophy can always be traced to a break-down

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learned a good deal since I have been here in Atlantic City by rubbing

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sult of any wound; the surgeon can not be blamed for its oc-

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determined not to be driven from the course by the Regulars and their

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and galvanism, and slight sluggishness of contraction may be noticed.

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The predominant preceding pulmonary infection was bac-

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retain tlie faults that have so often been pointed out in former

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As an example of the wonderful progress of the medi-

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impurities was exposed at once to a temperature of about 250°, and the melted

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common as in the first type. One very characteristic feature

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Abnormalities in laboratory results of uncertain etiology

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That it performs a particular office in the economy. 2d. That it

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rests by bringing upon them an unnatui'al incumbrance.

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but recovered always in a few minutes. There was never

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egotistical foreigners; (3) home product, of these latter he says: "Graduated

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