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South Dakota Medical Society. — The twentieth annual

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representing from 30 to 37 grams of solid residue, are passed in twenty-

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where on the mucous membrane of the mouth, and occur in the form

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have been tried without success. He had not had sufficient

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i\i-t III llu' Milv p,,,,, , , ,„ 1 ,1.1 , ...

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selves and the "annual supper" in a thorough manner, despite

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places where large numbers of horses are kept ; for instance,

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the eosinophilia appears Owings came to the conclusion that during

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ing the biting of the cartridge, or impeding mastication, and in-

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1889. HuNTEB, William, MJ)., 108, Harley-street, W.

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was suddenly stricken with paralysis on taking his seat in

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surprised that they should have a greater morbidity after the

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outrages with which they are charged, directly and personally."

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Clinical Significance of Pain in the Epigastrium 176

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of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, syphilitic orchitis, aneurysm, scabies, or

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iron, quinine, etc., hot douches, local applications to en-

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that some definite knowledge might be obtained of what actually

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emadvodza abuiala inyoka ngematje, watsi, "Hawu, inyoka lenkhulu

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Experience has proved that removal of half the larynx is far

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when she said " Yes " and naeant it, I was able to deduce quite

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great importance, and it is also a matter, as the doctor suggested, of

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in cases having an irregular circulation in one extremity, while it is reg-

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the day, and it would still give its readers the benefit of

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cleverly planned that it is practicable, while the crushing

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ilu' fatty, ami others the waxy, defeneration. The cirrhosis must have

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eighteen grains of black powder, infected in the man-

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tolis ter, a blister with watery or serous contents.

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were also due to pituitary disease. It was remarkable

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challenge, left the work upon which he was then engaged,

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Fever — coldness and shuddering with vertigo and nausea, then

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Government should proceed to deal with the question of sanitary

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