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FLAHERTY: First of all, as President Clinton has re-

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denly, to their horror, they saw him floating on the sur-

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On November 15th, ten days after the second attack, she

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every three hours till the stools are completely de-

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tion, sciatica, chorea, and deafness by rendering the eyes

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and I have no doubt that it is of real advantage, and

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chief highway for peaceful travellers of every kind. The community,

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us to be sure that one or the other may not be a condensation product

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Specialists there will be, and always should be, but the gene-

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ing deposits in cases of gonorrhoea. — N. Y. Med.

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considerable eminence, in a large and thriving village, who has

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required, but from the prejudices to which they had

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phere. When we learn from Mr. Glaisher that during the sum-

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ination, for sweeping deductions, such as those recently drawn

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