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in cases of so-called serous iritis we may have present
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AiNswoRTH, Fred. C, Captain and Assistant Surgeon, will, by
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astringents, and these remedies may be still further aided by the use
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in his own practice, but in that of others, especially of Scanzoni.
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in 1876, graduating from the Bellevue Hospital Medical College with the
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eses, discoveries supposed to be based on the latest
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but, as in the acuter ty}>es, the injections must be continued for
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ommend it. The dose for an adult is gr. j of iodoform
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sialadenitis, and vertigo have occurred with thiazides alone. . .
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self that, although some of the fibres of the chorda tympani nerve
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convalescent patient died of sudden and large hemorrhage from his
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covering the hair, and the visiting physician should put on a rubber
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0.2 to 0.4 per cent, of fibrin. During the period when fluid is
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ual health. There is wisdom and piety in the early morning-prayers of some
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period and topic, and I shall therefore confine myself
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impression on the cornea; and the amount of pressure will be
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ing to repair these losses as much as possible by send-
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there was, perhaps, nothing more fallacious than statistics
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Gentlemen — The patient before you is the carpenter
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tant, for, once ft is accomplished^ the other two follow
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second, that of mechanical injury ; the third, that of
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I liave no notes of the case, and at that time my attention had not
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probable that the degenerated epithelium of the villi acts as a foreign body,
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The current study was undertaken in our institution to
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extension by a strip encircling the hand obliquely between the web
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the means of forming a correct opinion on this subject, concludes
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is simply deposited in the tissue, which is probably necrotic, and
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The patient^s }x)wefe moved freely on the day following the operation
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small ones directed upwards and outwards.' The presence of ulcers may
l theanine
a separation of the epidermis forming a collarette. The skin round is in
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obliged to relinquish a great part of that work ; but at the same
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with a very gratifying result. This is the only case of
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heated urine one-third its volume of nitric acid; any cloudiness must
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n, nor did it have any effect in a case of haemorrhagic glaucoma.

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