Binding Fixation Of A Bone Or Joint
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As a favourable specimen of the Author's powers of de-

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ment of the science of medicine. The meeting was quite a

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sion of the lens, from blepharospasm, occurring during iridec-

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Purgatives are very generally demanded both to reduce the excited

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" riven breeks " seems not to have been understood in Man-

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showed two large gall-st(Hies whiclTlie had extracted with difficulty from tlie

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reflector for the examination of ears; on very dark days

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on the Drigalski's plate can be examined in sixteen hours. The colon

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When the fit is present, care must be taken to prevent his bruising

binding fixation of a bone or joint

dition. It must be remembered, however, that in this patient the pro-

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of cases, and reports most excellent results. He formu-

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symptoms differed materially from the five cases that terminated favor-

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from the heat. He related his experience with hospi-

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occurs in milk, both within and without the body. The nature

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work of Mulder on Organic Chemistry, that he has, with

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most extensive user of this article. He has made use of it in over

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contact, although he allows that the bad state of the air of a crowded hospital

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sidered it as a general rule a very dangerous operation.

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by haemorrhage, softening, meningo-encephalitis, sclerosis, and cavities

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The President said they would be very grateful if Dr. Maguire would

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ness peculiar to chronic glaucoma, however, is of a different char-

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necessary in order that the chloroform may enter into solution. A

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have profuse expectoration, and vice versa. Patients with moderately

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structures, there is a tendency for the affection to become encapsulated, for

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mode of relief to wh^h for X 11. k°" *"" '"'*'• '' '« *

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All branches of knowledge have a tendency to become

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mouth— a circumstance greatly to be deprecated, as almost certain to re-

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well, and time it is that the management wizards want to

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connected with a Nerve. The patient was a female, and in

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by the microscope, seminal granules, ^ th of an inch in diameter.

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be my privilege to walk with my heroes. They aren’t the

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with the original instrument, and it was wonderful how well

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evolution) must have occurred to some extent at least. They

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