New Joint Ventures In India
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expulsive efforts, and eventually more or less vesical tenes-

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There is a definite trend nationally for Family Practice

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doses of codein one-quarter grain had produced the ob-

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the body was covered irregularly with patches of unequivocal

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Oertel, C. Seitz, von Kerschensteiner, and Wertheimer, was appointed to study the

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with the result that the afflicted workmen fall back

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PULMONARY MEDICINE — 1976, co-sponsored by the University of Colorado Medi-

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An examination of the fontanelle reveals manifest de-

new joint ventures in india

Case 3. — March, 1909 : A. A., aged 47 ; large cystocele, retroversion. Perineum repaired ;

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power to practice stil laccompanies the degree on its regis-

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favorite upon whom peculiar favors were conferred. In

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importance of early diagnosis and treatment can hardly be over-

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it is liable to be confounded. Disordered aifections of the prostate

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which had come on after exposure to a strong sun, and which indicated

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ever, by simply tlexiug the thigh on the pelvis ; then, with a

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charlatan, no profession offers such opportunities for in-

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the most part characterised by a tendency to central subsidence, and

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af hemiatrophia facialis. Svens. Liik.-Sallsk. n. Handl.,

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majority of cases it begins in one or two muscles, spreads to others,

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this class, having involved the larynx and produced acute

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different observers have noted a diminution in the amount

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one doctor to another to find one who can throw the cur-

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tories of the Health Department of Penn- tinal tract of whom has become, as a result

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moved to Windom, Minnesota, as a local notice in the Standard of June, 1879,

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lived well, laughed often, and loved much ; who has gained the respect

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Krehl and his pupils have stated that the material which is oxi-

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fistulous tract arising from a perforation of the cecum

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conjoined with the principle similia similibus, because the cure

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and the difficulty is that they are neglected by the faculty for the per-

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ing being left through which we can watch the frag-

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the dogwood tree. A limb of a quarter-inch diameter is taken, soaked

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have caused them herself, but that source had been excluded.

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water ; if there is a trace of soap the cuticle of the flea is wetted

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much care as had been devoted to the heathen charms.*

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