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fore I have been in the habit of giving salines with considerable regu-
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different kinds have been gathered under this name, but, so far as can be
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established in humans. However, the animal data do not
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the urine having been rendered alkaline. But that the liability to these
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of the fingers, where the phalanges only hung by a strip of
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qaalify an elector, or, for that matter, an elected person,
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to remove the cyst-wall from the intestines in such cases, and danger
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in the milk, put it in his mouth, rubs it ofif on and had an acidity of 41- Several times the
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not one has, we believe, terminated successfully ; how many more fatal results,
tions of her mother, induced by the girl's singular de-
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the time Ceron discovered the need of a short water course from the
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bladder and bowel symptoms ; gradual Improvement ; recovery.
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pressure not narrowed. Hence aortic stenosis may lurk in
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garded as a local manifestation of a general disease, holding to the latter,
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too little effort is made at home treatment, that patients are often hurried
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Site. — The influence of the site and extent of the lesions is shown in the
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coats of the intestines, common bile duct, ureter or fallopian
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In a healthy man no unchanged protein finds its way into the
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There seems to have been a greater demand for those numbers,
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There are two other classes of horses which are very liable
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or an extension of the same process. Optic neuritis may be
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General Editor. We cannot be blamed for omissions, if we are not promptly
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inferior portion. The left lung presented feeble cellular attachments ; gray
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said we would enforce after a certain period— the greater part
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ity. On account of ill health he was forced to give up his prac-
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CERVIX (Lesions of). Theophilus Parvin, M.D., Philadelphia.
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some arbitrary point, 1030 or 1020. He has often seen it with
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IDiscuasion], in: Protok. zasaid. Kavkazsk. med. Obsh.,
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ability to question and thus welcome new ideas on our then synical minds. In between artery's named Adamkiewitz, veins
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ing would be highly useful, by facilitating the inquiries of
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sheaths round the blood-vessels, or masses of micro-
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materials for over eight months. We have nothing new to
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less important intestinal, came on in distinct paroxysms,
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matter from the horse lias undergone after it has produced a
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4. In four cases of delirium tremens it acted as a charm in half-drachm doses,
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opium, to secure the patient a temporary respite from intense
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from 2-J-2 to 'Itrl ; he quoted, moreover, the works of Thomson and
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