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has been referred to above he says : " Having been all my life a sufferer

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Before closing this chapter on the primary myopathies, I desire

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may be absorbed, and the membrane restored to its natural state. So

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soup and in this way they are easily digested and nutritious.

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amount of virtue, and even when taken at random may occasionally

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A week after she omitted the salicin, the pains returned in the old

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movable character, often obstinate and more severe at some times

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passes off in shreds. To meet these conditions, opium should be

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urinary passages fibrin is also, of necessity, excreted, ana clots may form in

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Acute rheumatism, or rheumatic fever, commences with a feeling

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material is converted into a sweet substance like sugar, known

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is probablj^ impossible to excite anything more than the minor symp-

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drops of acetic acid. Many albumin test reagents precipitate them, and the

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mal secretion, because normally about 18 to 20 per cent, of the water

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hibition, one of the most important functions of organic life — one

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Pus has been found within three or four days of the onset of the dis-

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civilization have an unfavorable influence upon the hair, the bulbs

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of a nerve <»r nerves, or from disease of or pressure upon the spina]

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the proprietor,, Avho has little regard for the injury they cause. Sim-

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they undergo conspicuous darkening, and indigo pigments are formed. If

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I. — The Lymphatic System. II. — Scrofula. III. — The Pan-

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Gans, Finkler : Transactions of the Congress fiir innere Medicin, x., 75, 1891,

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interesting from its bearing upon the pathology of arthritis deformans,

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Mix, and apply externally two or three times a day.

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synovial membrane was secondary to inflammation of the ligaments

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tion of these. The result is its degeneration. Such a kidney, seen macro-

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[f strong carbolic acid or creosote is taken internally, it acts as an

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vessels and the kidney as to damage them, or does the vascular change pre-

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jjroduces complete ankylosis and immobility of the joint. In some

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ever, sometimes advantageous to employ the different basic com-

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The desire to urinate often wakes the patient and forces him to get

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rarest occurrence. They have for months together given to their

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urgent uraemic asthma; or, again, a sufferer from that form of nephritis which

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from time to time, but even these remedies are more injurious than

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female sex, who have been subjected to poverty, hardshij), cold, and

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The following cases illustrate the good effects of the salicjd com-

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