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it a " smoke hue," but no casts. On June 22 he again

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this is the effect of a certain cause ; and that cause has not its origin in a

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sema of the organ due to putrefaction) ; edema and catarrhal inflammation of

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Now they may be characterised generally after the following

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body; pulse was imperceptible; constant sighing and restlessness; os was

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phere largely impregnated with human effluvia and the smoke of lamps and

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symptoms, will usually enable the clinician to distinguish this variety of tuber-

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Association extend its thanks to the management of the

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Practice, Med Sci J8 3749 (May) 1967 S.KistnerR W Gynecology Principles and Practice, ed. 2.

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Notwithstanding all these differences, I do not think that

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singer, and places the disease in a position midway be-

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and infection. These diseases spread along the great lines of

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was found aiihering fi.rmly to the cranium, particularly along

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The President being called away on important business,

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ear, extending from the zygoma above, to the level of the angle of

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up, and softened by imbibition with serum. — See Apoplexy, case of Pitbladdo.

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Hafoood, Philip D., M.R.C.S., L.M., LS.A., has been appointed House-

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lowing a preceding ulcer history, and cancer of the

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ing with much favorable experimenting that is being done now with

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long as the courts allow testimony to be partisan, and

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come almost harmless, and are unable to compete with

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of about 100 degrees, though capable of being flexed to a

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frequency ; the respirations grow more rapid ; the tongue, which was at

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Committee on Public Health Administration, giving definition of

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clear leukocyte; that is, on the edge of the cell there appear sometimes

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chapter on Diseases of the Blood and of the Ductless Glands,

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p. 1089 et seq. The predominance of the paralysis of the flexors is con-

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hematosis, when this last occurs rapidly. Paralysis has frequently

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Richardson, T. F., Passed Assistant SurgeoA— To proceed to Eagle Pass, Texas, for spedal

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insight strikes one afresh every day. It was not, however, till I had read

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drawing the os toward the symphysis, first with one

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with a solution of mercuric chloride, abundant dry gauze, and

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selected, from many others made upon the arteries of horses

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President. The success of their Meetings had been very largely

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