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Gautier, Malariastudien im Kaukasus. Zeitschr. f. Hygiene 28, 1898.
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greatly encroached upon. The routine use of antipyret-
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hand is lost. There is much atrophy of the forearms. The
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zoophytes which carpet the bottom of the sea are naturally
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It is to Lister and to his antiseptic method of operating and dress-
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nervous system. If the hemorrhage be slight or moderate, as a rule,
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ty, Indiana, and in some of the eastern counties of Illinois,
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Also by using some surging device, such as the ingenious small one of
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Hava (1888) traced the development of typhus to a strepto-bacillus, but
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auricularis being first cut through, then the gland dissected from
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has invented a seat for the closet which allows the solid excreta to be
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persons have something of the kind which they swallow at
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ftia in overcoming spasm, which was, at first, but little
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the consecutive operation of each apparatus provided for the growth, repair,
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natural results. The general phenomena of Akoholism in the lower
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aggravated, it may be, by traumatism but dependent on general
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How Should We Treat Typhoid Fever ? W. W. Taylor, Memphis,
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are better enabled to tolerate and overcome the disease, the duration of the
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when not actively progressing the crithidiomorphic type has
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.are also most astringent in the digestive canal, from the
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no question as to the frequency of sinus disease in
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but still hampered in its action. The same criticism
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produced by the type of parasite injected. Thus, for instance, the inocu-
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The wrists and ankles were perhaps somewhat broader
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He used about i part of coumarin to 5 parts of iodo-
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the sigmoid flexure, no faecal matter could be detected, nor
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mucous membrane is thoroughly loosened I then bite away all cartilage
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into Hospital, being in the ratio of 212 cases per thousand
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In the prognosis of heart disease the age, sex, and mode
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doses makes an excellent tonic; and a decoction of the same
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