Watson Oxytrol Anda
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constricted. In this case the adhesions were broken
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What things would have to be considered in this case and
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Built and equipped for tlic trcatnieiit uf uerxous and menial di.ieasra. .Aliproved diac-
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modifies not at all the treatment, and merely gratifies the diagnos-
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tion tuberculosis is placed. The recent strife which
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dysentery by direct inoculation into the caecum. — Johns Hop-
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process, the vital principles of ^ Our serum syringe is a
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■ uber dem Begriff von " Bittachon " in der Hebraischer Literatur.
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Huntingdon's chorea, have called attention to a certain strata-
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the demand from people seeking relief. Lupus was considered very
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Joseph H. Hathaway. The use of Graver's point in dissections. —
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made in regard to elevation of temperature in these
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oxybutynine order
especially adapted to meet the needs of practitioners of
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opment. — Contributions to Embryology, No. 10, Carnegie Pub-
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portant to remember that it is often due to a condition of auto-
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illustrious exemplar of negro equality is himself a grandson of a
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Council — Moritz Ellinger, Esq., Chairman; J. Mount Bleyer,
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nurse was fixing the food preparatory to feeding her.
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AAI IITmM 01 I M r Sold in boxes of 8 sterili2;ed tubes of i
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tor. The condition is very simple. Make a list of your bills and
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Case 2. Max S., aged 42. Came under my care in September,
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Matthew Mann Smith was born in Travis County, Texas^ Novem-
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tilators and electric fans. Thus the dust from outside sources is
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Everett Coates, M.D., Westborough. Harold E. Diehl, M.D., Quincy.
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their creation. In my humble opinion their purpose is to render
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after laparotomy. Wright and Douglass demonstrated that the
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Dr. Adolf Strnmpell, director of medical clinic at Erlanger,
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Fl™ R L S T™ m n' ! r ° feSSOr ° £ P ^->^-al Anatomy.
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'« Creed of the Old South. By B. L. Gildersleeve. 128 pp. Crown 8vo. 81.
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W. H. Ulsh, assistant surgeon, Dec. 22, 1902. Retired from
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treat the remaining cases satisfactorily and effec-
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most uniform success as regards the obliteration of
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l)ilicus. It usually becomes obliterated at the end of the sixth
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consciousness, so with suggested analgesia, hallucinosis and all
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mental change. The speech content is the same as noted above.
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Theodore C. Janeway, H. B. Richardson and E. A. Park. Experi-
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therapeutic agent. The earlier writings are a chaos of opinions
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* Elective Pediatrics to be given if 12 or more apply.
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her violently against the seat in front of her. Her
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port of five hundred and twenty-nine cases of typhoid fever in Colorado,
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debts ?" Of course, I have long since ceased sending the Journal
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true, may not opiates be, to a certain extent, dis-
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take a second examination not later than the following
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ing a long period of instability followed by an outbreak of excite-

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