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stomach is very rarely fatal. If, however, it is at all serious,
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remarks how wrong it is to maintain that absolute rest of the body continued
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A prominent physician and Rotarian on one occasion introduced
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dylate (grains five) should be given intramuscularly every day for
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SaUy are, while the other was a mulatto. The woman behoved that ^cy
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midol complete and ibuprofen
labor complicated by intrauterine hydrocephalus. The
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I shall have a lot of fellows with the gleet stand-
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they deserve to be called "animals," and "rascals."
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One thing, it seems to me, the great surgeons and physicians
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was the judgment day." At full term she was delivered
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bowel ; and third, obstruction from conditions relating to the
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during the period of maturation is a favourable sign.
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means underrate, but rather accord to them the merit of having
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Streptococcus erysipelatis and characterized by fever, a peculiar circum-
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than after excision, and that the cosmetic effect is
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of potasisium, ink, or milk, into the external opening, and if there
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No9. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1:5, 17, 18, 10, anil 21, of the Boston M.-diral atid Surgical .Toiirnal,
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altered, the proteins of the plasma bind as a result either acid or alkali
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had escaped into the bed, and the uterus had relaxed and risen
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there being no part of any of them where there is any
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proved to be the vehicle of the poison, ami it now-
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appeared to be immediately encircled by a fiery vajjour,
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has followed measles, enteric fever, smallpox, or diphtheria, but so seldom that
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months' advance of pay towards such an object ; and I think, if in a
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that the quantity of uric acid is increased in the majoi-ity of
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says that the proteins should, of course, be ^^.-^^^ ^o untoward results,
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This large number of communipations is most gratifying,
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suspicion, and without waiting for definite evidence, the disease will spread.
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elements of the diet he is not digesting. The trouble is usually due
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fantile atrophy, a pathologic condition which had never been
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Here a change in the order occurs in that both applicants go to the
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would sometimes lay quiet, as though nothing ailed it ; and the anxious
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rivalry with sizcrs, which of them could ' put on ' most foreign
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rentricle appears to cease all action, and then to become suddenly and spasmodically
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ceptions ; and, with due deference to Mr Cooper's opinion, we
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4. That antitoxin is safe, quick and efficient, it prevents complications and

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