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2. Romagnoli, A. G. F. : Cortisone and anaesthesia.
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perforated appendix and a number of fecal concretions. The
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From the medical service of the West Suburban Hospital,
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Dr. Cabot engage in it, the charlatans and quacks will be eventually
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prolapsus, upon which she said she had '"such a burnino-." J
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individual had attained his forty-second year. The treatment com-
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the experience of every one, arc neglected catarrhs, and pneumo-
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ride of zinc. The linen about a patient, experience has shown, is pecu-
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few ; most are simply persons of degenerate type who fail
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through careful study and more careful observation, in this
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of typhus. This ;s, therefore, the starting-point of the late
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duced into a tumor produces a permanent radio-activity in the
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of varying length. With Gram some varieties stain well, while
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have been examined and tried by most of the surgeons in the New England States, from whom certifi-
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generation. The lungs were congested at the back and lower parts, arising
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producing a transverse wound two and one-half inches
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for the first time in this disease by Melsens, of Paris, in
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In five or six days the red color gradually fades and scaly
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the main as to the origin of the " round bodies," and regards them as
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off into the preceding form, but in typical cases differs materially from it.
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usual to define the color by the wave length, although this
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cause compression and rupture of groups of air-cells, these must have
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Brainard, Bertha Breeze, a, w, sp, Souris, N.D. A.B. (U. of North Dakota) '16; S.B.
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larious influence. Hence it is that Drake, in defining the phrase
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The University of Minnesota announces a continuation
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Gottingen with an apparatus constructed on the model of
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process of bone formation. This attachment is an intimate one, par-
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no hesitation now in stating that bichloride of methylene as a
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circulating in the blood soon showed itself by a discolor-
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is the sensible faculty when the work of the perceptive faculties
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fibres in the p}rramidal tract were abnormally thin, but without signs
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which are ruled in one-quarter of an inch spaces, so that
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of syphilitic lesions are to be seen in the skull bones, especially
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Romanowsky, Zur Frage der Parasitologic und Therapie der Malaria. St. Peters-
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milk, and the urine, undergo in Cattle-Plague. As a
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at the arm this morning, the fluid in the vesicles was found to have
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patient died, one of the secondary cases died, and the other two have

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