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phragm, and by strongly fl^rxing the thighs relieves the

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and also get her into the habit of eating a great deal less. Her

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former conditions, howe\'er, are distinguished first by the s«at and direction

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the abdomen is irregularly enlarged, either throughout or in its left

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The one is to commence at the lower edge of the pupil, and

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nutrition of the patient,, not to the nature of the virus.

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allow that they are entitled to all the privileges of students of

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incomplete or complete interference with the onward movement of the

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Tutuila Island, that " the most common of these are

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Twenty-eight cases presented such severe joint-lesions that they were ad-

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been written in books about the deep and superficial, absolute and

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6. Harbitz: Trophoneurotic Changes in Bones and Joints in Leprosy, The

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cystic ovarian growths. If columnar epithelial cells are found in quantity,

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Institute. It is evident that as yet there is very little

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of the disease in the orbital tissues where the eyeball had

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happy, if not hopeful or ambitious of life. The relief was merely

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all right, and if the temperature remains about normal, and

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brane. Though this condition was more or less constant,

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communicable diseases may likewise be prevented. The

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becomes compulsion when parents of the criminal class wilfully educate

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"afraid of us," Then let it be clear to all that this "policy forming

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is worth trying. True, agriculture is the most variable and fortuitous of

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applicable to the present period, when so many anodynes, hypnotics,

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The Phksidknt asked if Mr. Huwartli did noL lind llial l)lood somolimos

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which con-esponds to the quadi-ant on the plate upon which the opaque

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ARNOLD & SONS, 35 and 36, West Smithfield, E.G.

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comparatively easy. The strictest asepsis is essential in either case;

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for a couple of weeks I could examine his blood, urine, etc, and

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with any of the powders, iodoform, boric acid, etc. Nor

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Dr. E. E. Meek has been appointed Medical Health Officer

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less than fifteen minutes. The third rib was placed in

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taken egg albumin may be given. Alcohol may be used if indicated.

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actly the same imperfect union of the wound in the bladder by first in-

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so-called predisposing factors must be fully appreciated if we expect

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of culture and dissemination, call for means to prevent or

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549 ; 656. — Peculiar mental states during typhoid fever.

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a g ree wj | h the infanl of fats. According to Hall proteids furnish

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have been instances of murderers who have escaped conviction, and

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