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nurses and honored guests ; the smell of ether ; the outstretched


stated, offer no explanation. It may be that an easily compressible

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tissue. Dr. Sinclair Tousey, of New York City,* has

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ized soups, jellies, and blanc-manges will obviate the monotony some-

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Meningococcus. — Great difficulty was found in growing the meningococcus

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munications both appeared in the Lancet for 20th April, 1918.

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use further means to prevent motion of the parts, and to allow his taking

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of lesions in the lungs; but in other cases the local le-

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the increasing sphere of woman's usefulness, and in

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distant parts of my book together, but he could not make a

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■we have traced this out to causes either inside or outside the in-

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son microbe. Eec. d'opht.. Par., 1897, 3. s., xix, 177-184.

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tories of cases illustrating these errors of diagnosis, and I would

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never appeared as a distinct reaction when all other tests indicated

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