White Luminite Crystal
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ANTIPATHIA {ivTtrradfi;, from avrtiraOici), " natu-

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classification is based upon the symptoms, and regards them as

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times this is wanting. The pus is generally of the kind called laudable,

white luminite crystal

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of disease of the uterus, and when there was complaint

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administration of iodide of potassium. Mr. Hutchinson also records a case

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21, the fourth day of the serum disease, they had fallen to the

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of the endothelium consequent upon the blood-stasis. In

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superior medical office buildings and clinics. Our design/build

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the advantage of repeating in Dr. Reese's words what has been better

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ant to feel that we have an authority near us to supply us with the

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approach closely the full extent of the possible permutations

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' Trans. Obst. Soc. Lond. (1897), 1898, xxxix, p. 191.

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Oct. 30-31 Jfc Nov. 6: 1963 Clinical Advances and Review,

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joint, is covered with a blister. Since it is often impossible

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parts, and other muscles are contracted. So, too, if we increase the

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back to the croup. If it is paralysis of the face and neck, apply

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it is liable to be confounded. Disordered aifections of the prostate

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Where there is marked gastralgia, two to five drops

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In any event a line of treatment has been opened up which may

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covered at the time. Second seizure 6 months later. For two years preceding

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strages, in quibus talis cadaverum inhumatorum putrefactio

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pcefaension of serious disease, and leads the patient to seek medical advice.

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I was the beneficiary of the best face of medicine. A

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previous cases, causes, from distention of the walls of the cavity and irri-

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vessel wall. The adjacent endothelial cells may not show the

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With reference to removal of the gland and the possibility of gen-

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dinner, the meat part of which consisted of a mutton stew, and

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3002 in. on Sunday, August II, to 2950 in. on Thursday, August 15.

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of the diseases that cause CHF, hypertension (HTN), and

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