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Dr. Urban V. Wiujams. Frankfort, presented this paper.

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der and pressed against each other, and are loose ; the breath

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larynx in the normal, and compared the results with those obtained

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knowledge he does not possess, in order to arrive at the

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ed. As microbes exercise a great influence in producing local in-

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come from the intestine. They are poured into the water by man and by

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4. The question that this Bill be now read a first time, shall be decided without

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" It is to be remarked that all the intermediate cities on the sea-

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I want especially to urge that we watch our patients be-

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of extreme difliculty of swallowing, and of a gradually increasing inability

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ern such a decision concerning it in pneumonia or any other diseased

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and in its action its results are salutary rather than injurious.

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tylenol vs. advil vs. motrin vs. aleve

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which is unknown to us. According to the experiments

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It is unnecessary to give a detailed description of the

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in these difficulties of the early nursing period, before weaning is

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either case is wholly mental, and resides in the patient.

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and an indescribable sensation all over the body. Kairin and salicylate

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of the people, that annihilated time and space, brought economy, com-

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ble, that the villi of the stomach act immediately on the aliment, and effect

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throat lesion which does not seem to have any relation

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complications nor sequelse have been observed in connection with rdtheln.

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states that he has met with two instances in which the complaint appeared

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and especially to the improvement of the medical faculty.

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fur £rom his destination or from ilie pltu^ at which he lost his senses.

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stools, jaundice and dropsy usually appear but those symptoms are

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In most of the cases of "hydrops articulorum intermittens" upon

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yuris, Triehocephalus, Aukylostomum. Von Mediciualrat Dr.

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action. Without claiming any analogy the author directs

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standards, acceptance does not imply endorsement by this journal, and the publisher reserves the right to reject any

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The Colocynth- plant grows in various Asiatic countries, and in

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he does not know how to control his legs; he does not

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and a postponing quotidian may be gradually converted into a tertian. Some-

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undeniable fact that boiled milk is far more constipating,

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days, making an extreme difference of 49 days in the earliest and the latest

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