Sensoril Daily Dosage
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57.4 per cent, of whom proved distinctly unsatisfactory
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year accept, nay, rather demand the services daily through lingering
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and may cause threatening symptoms ; v. Ziemssen even considers it
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During the winter of 1896 I had more trouble than at any
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dose. The sore throat is best treated with peroxid of hydrogen,
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borate with sodium bicarbonate (gr. v-xx to Sj — 0.3-1.3 to 30.0), should
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problem in that country about twelve years ago. Their work
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absent. In such cases the exudation is mainly serous, although the micro-
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A case, singular and complicated enough to demand a detailed history
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pressions from various sources, more especially the eye and ear.
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mant until the unknown cause of the new formation calls them into
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attempts by lung puncture during life from cases showing only
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before you in a moment is, I believe, a demonstration of the action of
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rower than the l)ull)ous division, is equal to 32 mm.,
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Maj. D , commands the squadron of high fliers exclusively,
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is no headache at present. July lifh. — Is able to move the right leg slightly, and
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molecular movements, as in the ordinary globules of saliva in the mouth.
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partment of Austria. He was also made censor, in which
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the medical profession and aims to introduce schism, discord, and sec-
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This appropriation was grudgingly granted by the Select
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or more of the organic murmurs. These are frequently discovered i
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against the old : we want reform, and not revolution ; we have seen too
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still, the needle; and in this way Dr. Eysell has succeeded in removing two
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marked sweating of left side of forehead and face, and not elsewhere.
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The students in the Oshkosh Normal School who pass with
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power of action it is at all comparable to the ergot as a par-
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*1886. Lyman, Henry M., M.D., 65 Randolph St., Chicago.
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Cardiac Catheterization. Aortography and Selective Coronary Arteriography
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century. The progress of civilisation that we brag about ends
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or normal, while the size of the organ gives no information as to the real
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