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mits, if not too tightly bandaged, of a slight degree of mo-

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Dr. F. E. Porter, of Auburndale : — Many of the dis-

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died from an injection of 1 cc. horse serum ; but that

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every hour. Apply cold water or a light ice bag to the neck, or a

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new amphitheatre, and remarked on the condition and prospects of

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treatment says : " Gonorrhoeal processes, even when

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or paralysis (the latter rarely) may closely resemble true stenosis. These

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in the experiments of Scheremetjewski, above alluded to.

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1857, Bd. iii. p. 1. — 46. Makkwalu. Zeitschr. f. Biol. Munclien, 1890, Bd. xxvi.

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Ehrlich's Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde Reaction. Ehrlich has shown

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the right saccule is still larger, and at the same time the left saccule

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der of vessels, performing the office of nutrition, as in other por-

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blind unreasoning prejudices and habits too frequently ob-

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and cartilaginous surfaces are uninjured by the passing

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ting through the skin by these sutures. Gauze is placed under

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those who voted in the affirmative as non-contagionists,

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gitis may be due to the pneumococcus, bacillus tubercu-

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among the Arabs and the Christian monks^ till it obtains a

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ammonia, until the acid is neutralized, and then wash again freely in

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Mr. Skey's remarks concerning these procedures for relieving the bladder

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are those agents that disturb the metabolism of the

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sion surgeon. Each sanitary formation may make its own requisi-

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tion. Mr. Joseph Storrs Fry, who had arranged to pre-

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right teniporo-sphenoidal lolie. Lancet, Lond., 1889, i,

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could not have taken place so readily and evenly. Of course the sur-

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for the most part, to deserve a selection in preference to that of country

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The general results in our six cases are as follows :

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wearing the wire case of Bonnet during the night. When this is fol-

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course, be premature. It is unfortunate that, in the only

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Old Town was just like one large family, where each one tried to

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The constitutional state of the little patients is variously affected by

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agers of 6 to 10 years. All three Deca vitamin specialties

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which inflame, and in which thrombi form, giving rise to

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marked and divided from the non hairy. Disorderly growth

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either of sense or of motion, which is not occasionally involved in the

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When the sponge is about milkwarm, beat in a teacupful of

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Opium is also used by injection. In this city, opiate injections

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diminished by the concurrent employment of systematic and efficient

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sulla prioritji. dell' applicazione dell' eterizzazione alia

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