Are Restoril And Xanax The Same
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describe, and which I trust may be of service to others

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linger in the urethra. The knob of a probe slides into the

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end points. Looking more specifically at fetal effects, among

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C. pjipiens. Omitting the zoological characters, into a description

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opposite to the End of Katharine-Street in the Strand.

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ing the Profession after a given date. But they refused to give

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milk diet and the calcium chloride solution, although only for a

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hearty professional endorsement of governmental patron-

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among the Arabs and the Christian monks^ till it obtains a

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repetition of it without a murmur, and regretted being obli-

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are never congested ; congestion is nearly always present with anthrax. This

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shreddy one, a middle zone of brownish red tissue, and an outer zone of hyper-

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second. They are most distinct towards the outer margin of the dull space formerly

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because those of the head and trunk both meet there. He maintains that in complete spinal

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which is characteristic of typhoid fever ; nor with that curious

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" The i31oo[l as a Tissue. St. Petersburg, 1890, (Uusslau).

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Each member in attendance shall enter his name on a registration card,

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ventricles of the brain, is not uncommon. The spleen is sometimes swollen

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Another fact noted — perhaps as important as the fore-

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gether the influence of vaccination in such cases, but I have no hesitation

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function of causing, at least, pestilential diseases. Such

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j»referal)lv in tliometlian line, for the purpose eitlier of recopf-

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or in as private a place as you please. Strew them on

are restoril and xanax the same

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tale, &c., is found by difference, and has now to be discussed.

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the suprarenal capsules and tuberculous affections of these

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you may feel pretty certain you have only a small lesion

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growth to see whether or not it is encapsulated, undergone secondary

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would be used in preference to alcohol. It is not alco-

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months, when groats and occasionally meat-juice were added. The first sum-

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a dwarf in which pressure during labor caused transient injury to this

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local affection of the liver to account for the pyrexia. On the 26th the end

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la fiebre tifoidea. Rev. med. de Sevilla, 1889, xiv. 113;

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there is no doubt that the odors from such places are disagree-

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