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medicine is the union of scientific training with clinical

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had something to do with that. Dr. Cautley mentioned that in his cases

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2. That the original disease was infectious, but that through inoculation it became conui-v

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Dr. F. Parkes Weber: I suppose that the epileptiform " twitchings,"

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dent diseased appearances, both which circumstances are proved by dissec-

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tions during the recent sittings of the Examiners : —

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Crane, the Surgeon-General, has been appointed to succeed him.

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eating people for longer than up to the year 1931. Al-

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very commencement of the morbid process, and as extending beyond the

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the position of the operative field is convenient, a tourniquet

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membei's of the public service who do oiFer suggestions for the

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Diagnosis. — Endocarditis occurring in the course of acute rheuma-

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first circumscribed, subsequently difiuse, in the portal vein.

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versity, shall entitle such holder to registration as a matriculate.

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tism. The inflammation follows concussions, wounds, and fracture or luxa-

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Authorities differ as to when syphilis is cured. Periods

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There were 2 cases of traumatic haemorrhage — one from a

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with the views just explained, the conductor of this work

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12. Dixon, W. E., and Halliburton, W. D.: The Pineal Body, Quart. Jour.

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9//?. Redness slight ; no red lines radiating from the wound.

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they deserve to be called "animals," and "rascals."

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Thymol is one of the homologues of carbolic acid, and may be used as

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force; the alternate jets being stronger than the inter-

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and pain ; in a case described by Friedrich, diaiThoea

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was supposed to be an enlarged and displaced liver was shown by oper-

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of the first to carry his views into practice. Dr. Senn reminds us

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why of it. All our vegetative functions, as they are

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"IV. The Chemistry of Sarcina Lutea, May Wheeler, A.B.

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death, and in the office of coroner until his death in 1862, never

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board cap were omitted, and that the dressing was rendered additionally

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The Diagnosis is aided by the digital investigation of the

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logy of the affection, the microscope. Numerous cases

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with a long, curved rod passed through the nose, and had ascer-

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nia of Cattle," which was illustrated by pathologi-

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most commonly used are decoctions of lemons, different kinds of

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complete paralysis ; the author sees no advantage in the employment of

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