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the question now under consideration, it was doubtful if the
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legislation against the adulteration of foods and drugs
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common to the whole lateral border of the organ ; but their
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points and also some other questions of medico-legal interest.
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filariasis due to F. bancrofti; it may or may not be followed by more severe
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with clinical history and physical findings, establishes
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the i)atient co\ihl not si)eak. On the 13th the condition re-
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Signs. — But little is to be gained from phj^sical examination of the
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Ann. di ottal., Pavi;i, 1897, xxvi, 105-117. — Oermann
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sexual power may be present ; and this may last for a considerable time.
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or less, in extent, is a result of thrombosis of veins, and, also, of both
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Medical study out of the University, evidence shall be required
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the nose and mouth ; the rectum is reversed, and looks like a
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mistake if the hustling landlord does not get two of it.
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the suspended cells showed no trace of agglutination, incubation was continued
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valerian. As the result of this work we felt convinced that asafetida,
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cated steam. This opens the pores and allows all secre-
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and the plague that of the ^tiddle Ages. It owes its present wide distribution
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rectus, but to an intermittent spasm. The muscle could at
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opposite conclusions, the one finding in all the ])henomena of the fit "evi-
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murmur over the Sylvian region in a case of extensive softening. ^Murmurs
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ground for believing it can be cut short than for believing that typhoid
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large numbers of spirals of pallida form impregnated in tissues with
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Dr. Quain passed on to the subject of treatment. He insisted strongly on the
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tended, so that no more blood can enter them, and hence no harm can
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The cervical region has no white rami-communicantes.
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more probable that this proceeded from the care and attention
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division, and protect them from further infection, especially from
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ly fluid liquid of a strong, ether like special odor; it boils at the low degree
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and if we had made the diagnosis of volvulus or twist
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and jaws, the lar^Tix, the thyroid, the lacrymal ducts and the brain.
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noble distinction, that he was much of an artist, not
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the subject than he, the diagnosis of ovarian tumor
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of. A Study of Cases in the Glasgow Maternity Hospital. By A. A.
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emia, and thickly disseminated through the groups of Peyer are the
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ligature — so highly lauded by Dr. Lee, in the paper reviewed in
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necessitate the assignment of the orderly, or of other drivers, to
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reach the stoiuath. It is far more likely to reach the lungs,

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