Fucidin 2 15g Hinta
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urine, hitherto free, now exhibited a trace of lead. Wagner regarded the

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Those who have studied abroad know that the routine method is for

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common. It is infrequent before the thirty-fifth year and is more

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In the case of the legs and arms, elastic bandaging, elevation, and

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(c) The modern theory. Realizing that the physical factors alone

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iMarmorck (1902), Ann. de L'Inst. Pasteur, vol. 16, 172.

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deliberate fulfilment of this matutinal function. In many cases, especially

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60 to 40 the ratio of 1 to 20 would be disturbed and the blood become more

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V^Z^T^ '^■"""^l Other observers attribute the failure in these superficial

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seems to be fairly constant in America and Western Europe. In the

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sence of hydrochloric acid and gastric juice. The aseptic nature of gastric

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more particularly the drying of the white-lead in what is called the

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(Portugal), it has not been seen in Europe since 1841, when it visited

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syphilitic disease of the heart have been irregular and rapid cardiac action,

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mentioned by G-owers; it has been observed in America by Putnam, and in

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woods in the winter time would most likely recpiire twice that

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usually accompanied by loss of appetite and disordered digestion, as in

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on of a comprefs and bandage, the preffure foon redu-

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trepan ; all the injections thrown in to clear the mu-

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chronic kidney disease and gout. The liability of those suffering from chronic

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to ten points and one specimen at least should be 1020.

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tion of the fait, becaufe, by adhering to the inteftmes

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the reports published have often been incomplete, or the changes observed

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creasing response to accidental but inevitable cxcitoreflcx stimuli.

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are made of German silver, and can be flattened out easily,

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inland towns and villages are rarely attacked. Although such have been

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