Eldepryl Dosage Forms Strength
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BOYAi. Medical and Chiritrgical Society, 8..30 p.m.— Mr. Kendal

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nite conclusions. Borri51 ' ' at first opposed the views of

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are in no sense proper bodies to consider the question. "We

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eldepryl dosage forms strength

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* My sincere thanks are due to Mr. Adam Sloan, instrument maker,

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insuring that certificates should only be granted for practical as well as

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heightening of the central tower of Marischal College — this was

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Christian's scheme for enrolling a body of nurses for attend-

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was more than 6.4 times the average of the previous three

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plainly argues from "concomitant variations." He forgets

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from above, and independently of each other, Dr. Belfield, of

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must be generally admitted that such nursing must of neces-

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His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant at a banquet next

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quest of unknown knowledge had detained him, for he was


Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any

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caution. Jlr. Teece puts the pertinent question. Why does

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We, therefore, took into consideration at the time the very

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the conclusions of the second Hyderabad Commission,

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Union, Limited, was held on Wednesday, at the Rooms of

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1. Small lymphocytes, about the size of the red corpuscles, with large

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with the Hazara Expedition in 1888 (medal with clasp).

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The value of filtration of water is shown by the fact that

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£lou per annum. Applications to the House Governor by March 23rd.

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ting, and the heat was dreadful, the thermometer standing at 88" F. in

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have been incorrect. The report of the managers for isi^l showed the

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administered for the collapse, but had no etiect on the vomiting.

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Leghorn in an invalid.'carriage, and he bore the journey well, and under

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foetus receives its supply of iron; and, further, the nuclei

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titioner elected to the Council of the Royal College of

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act for them. It appears to us that under such trying regu-

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quest of unknown knowledge had detained him, for he was

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the Salpetriere, and Madame Veuve Brochard, wearing the

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Snape, Ernest, L R.C. P.Lond. , L.S. A., appointed Honorary Medical Officer

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posed for it to be worn, like other uniform clothing, on the

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■demand our attention. The ulcerated skin, with its

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of the Eadcliile Infirmary, Lord Salisbury led his audience

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Dr. RuFFBE gave an extensive microscopical demonstration

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lung disease under my care at the Brompton Hospital

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been given, particularly by the Surgeon-General referred to by Dr.

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was frequently sick. He was found to be cutting four lateral

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complete, generally comes prepared to stay, and we may next

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The (general results of the 05 sea voyages are : Cure in 3

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