Detrol La
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of anjesthesia, and concludes : The brain cells have

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any food at all that he finally brought the case to me. Upon opening

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Christian Association, Eastern District Branch, $5,000; St.

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with diluted acetic acid or vinegar. Camphoric acid,

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pray you follows? Even this, that physicians say to them-

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much to stem the tide which had set in toward vital-

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was found at the level of the fifth lamina, .^s the tumor

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years of their arrival to ascertain the effect of the

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ingly, the fact that the "apostle of experimental phi-

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teen candle power incandescent bulbs. With this ap-

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institution or of the department of health that the

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F'cin, ./o/u/n»i.— Hints for the tieneral Practitioner in

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tempts were made also to charge solid or pulverized

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the pain. At this time, two weeks after the onset, jaundice

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tion of the falsehoods and dishonesties that infest

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that remains to be solved in the study of cardiovas-

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mtention of being present at this conference. The meet-

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Official list of changes in the stations and duties of com-

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of, though the mental condition remained clear. The spleen

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trient enemata are apt to excite this secretion, but

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the reaction, but is indifferent, neither hastening nor re-

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still constituted the true foundation — all the more

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asked them to think over the question of registration

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special part by pressure and are not part of a mili-

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nourished ; general condition good ; herpes labialis ; a few

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Ehrlich, Paul. Bietet die intravenose Injektion von

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kidney with high blood pressure, cardiac hypertrophy and im-

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gained in flesh and in weight, has a good color, and has

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ceries, incantations, and spells, are not witches, or, as we

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virus (the inrus fixe of the French). It is a modi-

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Sir Clifford Allbutt on Arterial Diseases. — A Tablet

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