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luxation en liaut et en dedans du premier cun6iforine;
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been removed from a child in the Nursery and Child's
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pulmonary circulation. The large infarction in the right lung probably
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however, gradually increased in size, without giving intense pain, and the
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Amendment Act, 1809, is thereby amenable to the proviso of
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Case I. — R. C, aged thirty-three, was admitted to the General
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inject the staphylococcus and anthrax bacillus at the same
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admitted to the pass examination, and this fee will also be
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chain of evidence, but there seems to be no one moie
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by improving the sense of touch. Teaching must be carried
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stenosis, we get splendid results from slowing the heart
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during aging, increasing their systolic performance up to
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baby wearing kangaroo costume
lays a few eggs which are of two sizes, like those of the sec-
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of the patients, and the description is used as a basis of
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Constipation was so frequently associated with the various
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(Friedenwald). The other type is usually discovered in examination for
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explored in all directions with a trocar and cannula, but
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to estimate these proportions in the state of health, and the devia-
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uremic and puerperal convulsions, for here the motor
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being described as "breaking" — a peculiarity to which the disease owes the
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ly, and also various amendments, only one of which, however, proposed to
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the knee-joint, January 20, 1854. I shall reserve it, however,
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the contracted ligaments on the concavity of the foot,
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with hypoglycemia. The next morning there was marked hyper-
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Columbus M. J., 1890-91. ix. 97-103. Also: .}. Nat. Ass.
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vorgeschriebenen Bestimmungen zu verfahren. Das Bruttogewicht
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his results are, however, worthy of careful consideration.
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treme. The electric arc has been treated of in considerable
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viewpoints. The patient, a woman of fifty-one, has a
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antiseptics synonymous with disinfectants. The distinction
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contribution to the hospital for incurables, say half a
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when Claude Bernard began his investigations, that the
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25. Freudenthal, W.: New York Med. Jour., 1921, 113, 425.
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the points of the hsematosis, and officiate to give that sensitive
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its use, have good reason for expressing the opinion and hope that this
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deaths. The cases included 786 of children under 2 years of age, of
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as these had passed without any unfavorable symptoms either of excite-
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