Can Crestor Affect Fertility In Men
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fied, or, if certified, the true cause of death was not given.

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struction were again present. Under an anfesthetic abdo-

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X GOOD deal has been written regarding the so-called "bullet-

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HUOHES, A, E. P.. L R.C.P.,Lona., M.E.C.S., appointed Medical Officer to

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firmed by the fact, brought out by Mr. King and Dr. News-

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two cliildren, one of whom was attending a certain school.

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Surgeon-Major D. McFadyen, 2nd Battalion Queen's Own Cameron

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liowever, include several communications to the Transac-

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Edinburgh ; Mr. W. C. Barnish, Wigan ; Mr. A. H. Beale, London ; Mr.

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was albuminuria with a full pulse and a labouring heart, fulf

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geon-Major- General Madden, whose time for retirement does

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quested to fend notice of papers, etc, to the Honorary Secretary, VV

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and lay, to this very useful publication. Mr. Burdett's

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efficiency, steadiness, aud soldierly beating of his command, and stated

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fumes. As is well known, these fumes arise at various stages

can crestor affect fertility in men

kidney displaced and fixed in its abnormal position. Lindner

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exist, which met with unanimous approval ; the new hospital would have

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should take its place in the pathological family tree alongside

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ing on the community the physical origin of a large propor-

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ageing an Abstract of the Annual Oration delivered befort the

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evidence. The jury returned a verdict of "Found dead iu bed. from

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due to the ground at Tooting being absolutely dry, so that the

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For three months before admission the patient said he had

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tion having been corrected, and a binder applied, the patient

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Brander, Aberdeen; A. Brown, Ciaithie; A. Brown. M.A., B So.',

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it is the privilege of a free man to accept grandmotherly

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overlook the presence of a pneumonia if dependence had to

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recognised on May 15th by a handsome testimonial presented

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