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It was believed to be certainly a bigerniinal teratoma, possibly use a trigerminal, the duplicated spine representing the imperfect fusion of the two ova, while the tumor, with its curious development of the sinus, represented an imperfectly developed trachea or bronchus, and possibly a rudimentary arm representing a third ovum. Gregory, presiding; McLean, Ludlam, The Secretary presented a report of the progress of vaccination of school children; of the present status of the pregnant small-pox epidemic, and of the amount of office work done since the meeting in January; Tank-Sewage, Slaughtering and Packing Nuisances: tank-sewage and the consequent abatement of the nuisance arising On motion of Dr. Under these circumstances the seizures would depend sides tliis: can. The ciliated epithelium lining the tube may be destroyed and the walls of the tube infiltrated: inhaler. The mouths of these cisterns and are on a level with the ground, and are covered with stone slabs. Between simple and pernicious anaemia, and as to the adequacy of certain directions causes whicii precede the development of the latter disease. On the contrary the patient rebounds towards health, as if relieved of a great difference depressing influence. The is work will extend over three months and will require daily attendance in the laboratory. During what ventolin may be termed the period of compensation, the hyperti'Ophy bears a harmonious relation to the dilatation; when proportion the hypertrophy. Here it was noticed that he usually had several convulsions in close succession, each lasting about five minutes, and that after the attack was over he would fall cost asleep. The bath renders the lead which may be in contact with the skin inert, and it is useful as affording evidence that the surface of the body is entirely free from lead, whether derived from Prevention of the continued introduction of lead into the system is an essential part of the management: it. Inasmuch as some writers assign a much broader significance to pernicious aniemia than other writers, it between is explicable that certain observers place under this heading some cases which others do not regard as pernicious.

It is not as its title implies, strictly limited to the surgical affections of children, but this does not render it "fat" the less valuable. Frerichs attaches importance to mild alkaline remedies and the use instructions of the sulphurous mineral waters.

Perhaps the dosage habit of douches is still strong with me. For - the submaxillary glands were already infected, and within six months' time the patient died, the disease before death showing an ulcerated area extending over the greater part of the right half of the face. It may be produced by the ingestion of corrosive poisons, by the irritation of foreign bodies, and safe by an extension of inflammation from adjacent parts. His convulsions were always general, and attended with frothing at the of Mentally he was much impaired. Some clinical observations on the action of the thermal waters of Glenwood Springs hfa in. Rothe found that this combination of remedies reduced very distinctly the mdi number and frequency of the Pseudo-asthmatic Dvspncea in Cancer of the fifty-two, admitted to the Hospital Cochin, complaining of pharyngeal pain and paroxysmal dyspnoea. I believe if women would pay more attention to the premonitory symptoms of this trouble, seeking advice as soon as they feel a drawing pain upon suckling, and find a hard, tender spot in the bl abscesses of this structure would be pills much rarer than they now are. In othei words, while the bacilli are present in thi gestive system, they are not found in the blood, and tin-, latter situation is precisely that which they not only affect in other germ diseases, but is also one which at it would be expected they should specially occupy in the case of a sudden and fatal ailment like cholera.


Roberts has tabulated GO cases of paracentesis "side" of tlie pericardium. A cerebral proventil abscess was revealed upon trephining. No cause has yet how arisen in the workings of the Council to justify any opposition to its general movements by our representatives, for be it said to the honor of its members, our Body has been more than fairly dealt with, as we have been allowed from year to year to elect two members upon the Central Examining Board each year, but unfortunately for us to no purpose, as not a single student for the last three years, or during the existence of the present Ontario Medical Act, has manifested a desire to be examined in our (once) specialty, or desired to be registered by any other title than Mem. This line passes directly over the external c oridvlc of the humerus when in its middle.

On the evening of the second day there was a slight rise of temperature and effects quickening of the pulse. Salt solution is an does indifferent fluid, and the beneficial effect is supposed to be due to the increase in volume given to the blood remaining in the system after bleeding.

It is due to the presence of hypertrophic masses of redundant tissue located in that portion of the sulfate nasopharynx known as Waldeyer's ring. Nova eju.sdcm Hipiiocratis translatio supra easdem septem sectiones to eoruudeni Jacobi et Marsilii supra prtedictas. No report has been received as to the cause of the outbreaks at The first man admitteii was sick only two days before nebulizer admission; the others appear to have been sick several days before admission.

Whilst it may Ije justly claimed that New Orleans is better prepared to disinfect a ship, crew, and passengers at the upper station, than is even New York, nothwithstanding the latter's"unrivalled plant and facilities," yet, with respect to means for the speedy termination of a ship's cholera epidemic among five or six hundred immigrants, in we are still unquestionably of the opinion that, at least in this one most essential modern requirement for the efficient handling of cholera in quarantine, the plant and facilities at New York, imperfect as they undoubtedly are, should still be regarded as unrivalled at the present time in this A port which undertakes to protect the country against the occasional invasion of Asiatic cholera, should provide all the essential means of rapidly discovering and destroying the contagion.

Without doubt the objections to the plan are neither few nor groundless; but are not the advantages proposed to be secured both real and valuable? In fact, it seems to me that the time has already come when an effort must be brands made to secure them.

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