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derivation of one form of leucocyte from another. A know-
ing his own expenses home. Having been promoted to administrative
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100 patients. The question of funds was a serious ti-onble. They esti-
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destruction of hremoglobin, shown by dark urine, accumu-
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2nd : A case, under the care of Mr. Atkinson, of a boy aged
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tion is brown or black, according to its intensity. I may now
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Bridge: Dr. H. Woods, London; Dr. M. Willson, Belfast ; Dr. W. Hale
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that the occasion should be celebrated by some modest festivities, in
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about .'^0 cm. square, was submerged in the liquid contained in the inner
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Fees : advice and medicine. 6d ; visit and medicine. Is. : vaccination with
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DAVinsoN, J. Mackenzie, M. B., C.M.Aberd., reappointed Ophthalmic Sur-
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annual rate of 3.9 per 1.000, which was 2.0 above the mean zymotic death-
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bedded in Ihe general area of C.S., more particularly in the
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ment, and hoped that the Irish members would support the
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The President said that if the disease was syphilitic, of
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in their appearance, and their structure can be revealed by
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the size of a live-shilling piece. It had made its way tlirough the walls of

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