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sacro-lumbalis muscle,and volunteered to introduce a bistoury.
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virus is much more active when it is derived from a recent chan-
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trouble to its possessor, but it may at any time give
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" Papain will give good service if prescribed with full knowl-
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and Paris, connected with St. Bartholomew's and St. George's, or La Cha-
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extent, as we are constituted, mentally and morally ; in a Avord, as
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it was amputated at the shoulder, the child of course being dead.
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pour of chloroform on the muscles of the neck and jaws for per-
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these symptoms,, there was a decided enlargement, and a strong
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remedy having been recommended and brought into the category
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attendant symptoms of nervous exhaustion, can be promptly
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mere verbal description affords exceedingly inadequate impressions
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atomizer. On account of the acid reaction of the dioxide used
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of the tumor was translucent, showing that hydrocele existed on
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inner aspect of the globe is the usual site for rupture
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tion is, undoubtedly, the safest operation from the
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very valuable appendix, in which is given a full description of
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expectoration, at first, of a bloody consistence and appear-
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past month, in a medical journal of considerable pretension to character,
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that you may pour the acquisitions of another year into a common treasury, kneel
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the mode of delivery. Some writers advance the opinion, that
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when the inflammation has been broken by bleeding, but a
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is this abnormal state of the most sensitive part of the digestive tube which
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in any case. lie said he had lately had a fracture of the tibia in
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18th, 8, A. M. — Pulse 108 ; rested badly last night,, but was not in pain :
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was yet a wilderness. Feeling the want of leeches, which he had freely
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the honor of the medical profession. Its past history has demonstra-
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If we were to criticise this mode of dressing fractured clavicle, we
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frequently misunderstood and always difficult to manage. The
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such an amount as to bear comparison, for a moment, with
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sponge, constitute all the articles required for congelation. The
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last time was two days before her admission into the hospital on
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Physicians and others, desirous of purchasing pure and reliable goods, or of ex-
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By Sir Henry Holland, from the third London edition*
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of diminished efficacy in its use. (It was the patient herself who
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with larger doses, this is large enough for ordinary purposes in the treatment of
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the capillaries become clogged, and a general stagnation ensues at
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openings granulated and assumed a healthy appearance. Af-
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head of the bone can be made to describe a circle round the ful-
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varying proportion of cases, engorgement of the vessels of the brain,
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According to the ingredients, we find in the dulcamara
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ly animal, or an exclusively vegetable diet ; and such consum-
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and mental training have been anything but such as fit them to prose-
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whereas splinters of glass, if introduced into the eye
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in many cases of fever which were attended with this peculiar
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some hours; boiled water does not show this change. A
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