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what might be termed a stiff glass of milk, but there is something so awful in the

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by virtue of a marked degree of oHguria, or even anuria,

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often tears asunder the loving hearts of man and woman ?— that invades the peace

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or even during the consecutive night and following day, a more

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(a " Lock'* hospital), examined, by ''the touch,'' every patient

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difficulty of getting complete histories with autopsies in such

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associated with a diaphragmatic pleurisy secondary to the pul-

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mations of the lungs and throat, four-sevenths or 752 of which were children under

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in 1864, after three years' study at the " Clinique," he now pre-

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sands, this remedy for all lung and kindred complaints is taking the lead and bo-

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see fit, acquaint the coroner, who may then hold an inquest as to the

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its correct and proper name. This brings into action remote

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5 gm. of chemically pure sodium chlorid dried in the oven at 120° C. for an

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have written with care and give the honest results oi their

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required was the morbid growth, and not the cyclitis.

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not appear to have had anything to do with the lazaret, and whose

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Dr. D.'s account of the passive forms of inversion does not differ

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To prevent miscarriage, where conception has taken place, use, with Root's Nor-

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been recognised as occurring in connection with central disease.

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approaches, by placing the system in such condition as will leave nothing for it to

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ity of children can be made of whichever sex is desired, providing the following

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and thus becomes a perfect child of the Lord, through an undoubting belief. Tkeu

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there is at the same time an unusual a^ux of blood to the in-

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great extent in infectious diphtheria. But until very lately, says

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cylinder and indicating the moment when the wooden bar is

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