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We are floundering and bruised in the dust, the victims of
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Dr. North^^ had been startled by the number of cases of appendi-
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shoe, by which any tendency to relapse may be corrected.
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ploding shells or mines cause death without external signs of in-
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it will tend to swamp, by over-stimulation, the normal reaction of the
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they nor any other drugs have any solvent power on the biliary concretions ;
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In March, 1895, Dr. Robert T. Morris, of New York City,
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chloroform inhalation, so that the respiratory movements can be seen by the
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Operation: Feb. 13, 1919. Arthroplasty Right Tempero-
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regarded in surgical operations. In many cases not even a per-
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when a catheter patient has got into such a state that the frequent use of the
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the line of actual employment in a legitimate and professional
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the fundus recover; 50 per cent, of ruptures of the anterior wall (which are
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Dec. 9, 1918, Incision over old scar ; bone curetted and washed with
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treatment was completed; the same is true of 9 of the 16 who were
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treatment, and in 33 of these he has performed litholapaxy, in all with com-
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one assistant, who alone handles the instruments, ligatures, and
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months but latterly appear about every two months. Each attack is
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cases that dilutions of 1 : 40, 1 : 50, and 1 : 100, respectively, were required to
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The present treatment of rectal fistula has little that is novel
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will be very great and time of recovery lengthened.
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vealed the condition shown in the illustration (Fig. 7), a rolling up
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time, and in addition, there is formed a fibrinous reticulum which is a direct
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the latter in benign, cicatricial ones. The canal has a greater
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each. These two meetings were the most largely attended meet-
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the retention in the system of waste products, or interfere with
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near its base with ligature carrier and ligature tied, a piece of
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when taken for its physiological effects, and in the manner indicated by the
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of the best and most attractive women, a condition which is exceed-
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which surround the fistula in Kader's method in a double layer,
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tioner will realize that however brilliant may be the possibilities of
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having retained their strength and reason, suffer from the fear of death by
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theless, many surgeons have reported gratifying results from the intra-
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observe the wound in and around the mouth of the fistula
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that the latter was the exciting cause of the inflammation, especially in rap-
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through the operation upon them of a morbid material derived
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grain of salt of truth in the latter phase of the matter. But,
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unable to get compensation work. Note also that the State Com-
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The lesions were aggregated, grouped, and disseminated, but the erup-
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tion between number and color is by no means peculiar to chlorosis.
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An American Text=book of Physiology. Edited by William H. Howell,
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tonight. Given a case of gall stone colic with marked symptoms which re-
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