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the influence of the same or other causes, hypertrophy fails again, dilata-

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For fecal fistulas the unilateral method is preferred, but for

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on the nervous system, the excitability of which it

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tifically disadvantageous to continue the use of the term.

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Again, some cause profound constitutional disturbance

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and a course of tonic treatment should also be recommended. Iron,

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The process at this period is the same throughout the brain and

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women were attacked, one after the other, by an eruption

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chief the degree of crippling being such as can be ex-

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very deserving of having their case taken into consideration

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treatment, but with indifferent success. As time went on, paroxysms became

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colonies of different appearance. The "H" and "O" forms of B. proteus, first

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which it took its origin being located about 300 feet higher

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black in the lower part of the eye. This is abruptly

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and Sir William MacCormac, of St. Thomas' Hospital, has promised to give

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in fully developed cases with atypical manifestations, there is no disease

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peculiar to that disease must be daily and hourly poured into and

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making personal observations of leprosy, to serve as the basis of

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refers to other disturbances of nerve action complicating facial paraly-

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hagic foci), and are surrounded by a whitish zone of emigrated

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and sedatives, causing constipation and causing drug habits. Let's

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in Michigan as a Home Missionary. In the fall of 1876 he

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is a probability that some may be left, and some cases showed

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employer neatness and cleanliness are considered important, next onlj""

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tages relating to the systematic employment of regimenal measures, to

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Green Ink. 1. Dissolve 3 dr. of bichromate of potash in 1

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case was Ruffer's. Better results were found after a large than after a

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standing the reaction and signs of amendment. It is also doubtful, as

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experimentation on lower animals, gives the following as the rationale ol" its

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«o far succeeded in reorganizing the Faculty of the Vermont Academy of

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proportionately increased with the shrinkage of the muscle fibers. At

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10. — Intestinal Auto-intoxication : Its Treatment by Irriga-

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an end aa long as hundreds of people are allowed to land un-

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