Morpheme Arthcare Oil
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do surgery an inquiry, I am not much in sympathy with that sugges-

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or cause to be administered to, or taken by, any of his Majesty's sub-

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of iron is quite different from that existing in the human being. We

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type, as well as all cars, should be kept scrupulously and constantly

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Symington's sections {Trans. Ed. Obst. Soc, vol. xi. p. 36), the

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high last quarter, and the disease was especially fatal in Lon-

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Smith,! in order to look at this matter from a patient's point of

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whooping-cough), a large meal, the use of alcoholic and other stimulants.

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errants has already broken a lance with a London reviewer ;

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effusion of lymph, was converted into a cord, will pretty

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that which scarlatina patients emit, and has been likened to the

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182 Lobelia, Cofffee.— Hernia, Sea Sickness, Renal Colic.

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with beads of soft fibrine. I have a notion that, if the valves of the heart vtm

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back, or the foreskin may be so swelled that it cannot be drawn

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certainly the custom in making the choice of the cocks,

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the legs; the later appearance of marked ascites, with little or no

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out what we have taught. We can teach children about nutrition,

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have been able to make a tentative diagnosis of sinusitis

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may occur directly into the abdomen causing instant death, or it may occur

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Drs. Tizzoni and Luciani for their experimental work on

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quantity in preference to any other liquors. Abstinence

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ity, and neither of them has any authority under the Constitu-

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the end of the tenth day the patient was enabled to go down-

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1887. de Schweinitz, George Edmund, A.M., M.D., LL.D.,

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students, without regard to the effect upon his own po.tition

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a workhouse, or a detachment of pauper children, or a large boarding-school

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of sodium by the mouth. Intestinal elimination is also considerable,

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remains of an apoplectic clot have been found in the l^rain after recovery,

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of spasm of the glottis, while apparently in perfect health^ Harold

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Wight leaves a widow, four sons, and a daughter. He was

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black mask. Coating the face with Olive Oil and dusting upon the oiled

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universal indication for elastic extension, apiiropnale to

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